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  • Now's the time to search for that Shore home!

    Hurry before it's too late!

    If you are like most people dreaming of owning a home at the Beach, then you know that now is the time to start searching if you plan on being in that home before the summer season. We have put together a vacation home buying guide to help you to get started and to avoid mistakes that could cost you both time and money. 

    1. Choosing Your Perfect Shore Community and Property:

    Purchasing a new house, condo or townhouse is a
    major decision and one that requires considering of
    a variety of factors. While specifics such as the
    number of bathrooms, the age of the home and the
    size of the yard are all important, buyers must also
    give some thought to the local lifestyle and what it
    means to become a resident in a new community,
    especially in the case of vacation home purchases.
    After all, you are escaping to this home for weekend
    getaways, family gatherings and relaxing fun so it
    needs to be a community you thoroughly enjoy.

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